FoodWorks NL 8—for new product development and nutrition labelling

Nutrient analysis software for food technologists.

FoodWorks® Nutrition Labelling Edition is Australian software designed specifically for food companies producing nutrition labelling information to comply with the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code.

FoodWorks Nutrition Labelling offers advanced features for generating nutrition labels that comply with the Code. For new product development, FoodWorks reduces time spent on tedious error-prone calculations and delivers the information you need quickly and accurately. It enables you to perform "what if" style analyses during new product development and reformulation.

From your recipe formulations, FoodWorks automatically generates:

  • nutrition information panels
  • ingredient statements
  • allergen declarations

Using FoodWorks you can:

Organise your data

  • Fully specify and manage your raw materials, sub-recipes and recipe formulations
  • Easily see which recipes use a specific raw material or sub-recipe
  • Easily explore all the raw materials and sub-recipes that compose of your final recipes
  • Search your recipes, sub-recipes, raw materials and reference foods from any associated food composition tables
  • Organise your work in folders

Design and generate nutrition labelling information

  • Fine-tune the content, layout and formatting of your label information
  • Include the nutrients required when making a nutrition claim
  • Work with characterising ingredients, characterising components, ingredient declaration names and compound ingredients
  • Override automatically generated nutrient values, ingredient statements and allergen declarations as required
  • Include preparation and storage instructions, alternative label names, country of origin statements, date marking and more
  • See potential problems and inconsistencies via warnings

Print and publish labelling information

  • Print label information directly to most label printers or integrate with label-printing software
  • Open label information in Microsoft Word
  • Publish label information to Microsoft Access or to a tab-delimited text file

Publish, export and import data

  • Publish your own food composition data for use by other FoodWorks users
  • Export your FoodWorks database to Microsoft Access to enable statistical analyses or to generate reports
  • Import raw materials, sub-recipes and recipes from other FoodWorks databases

FoodWorks Nutrition Labelling

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