FoodWorks Professional

Nutritional analysis software for dietitians, nutritionists, researchers and students

FoodWorks® Professional Edition is established and trusted Australian software designed for nutrition professionals. Used in a wide range of contexts—including health care, sports nutrition, food service, nutrition research, recipe publishing and tertiary education—FoodWorks empowers you to work more efficiently and to work smarter.

Enter your diets, recipes and meal plans, selecting foods and ingredients from comprehensive, up-to-date Australian data. Analyse your diets, recipes and meal plans in powerful new ways.

Organise your data

Using FoodWorks Professional, you can create diet records, recipes, meal plans and foods. Features for entering, editing and organising your data include:

  • Quick and easy data entry, with full-featured editing capabilities
  • Automatic updates to any diet or recipe when you change one of the foods or ingredients it contains
  • Nest recipes within other recipes
  • Tree-like (expansible/collapsible) view of days, meals and foods for diets
  • Automatically see where a food or recipe is used
  • Easily find your diets, recipes and foods
  • Organise your work with folders

Dynamic analyses

Nutrient analyses are updated instantaneously and graphically as you make changes to your diet records, meal plans, recipes and foods:

  • Compare nutrient analyses to Nutrient Reference Values (NRVs) including RDIs
  • See the food patterns in your diets, recipes and meal plans. View 5 major food groups and 28 subgroups, as well as oils, solid fats, added sugars and alcoholic drinks.
  • Compare nutrient analyses to user-defined nutrient goals
  • See the major sources of a nutrient/component in the diet/recipe
  • For a specific nutrient, show the contribution of each food/ingredient to the result
  • See energy (macro-nutrient) and fat ratios

Analyses include energy, macro-nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and food groups and components.

Food composition data

The major data sources are:

  • Australia— AUSNUT 2011-13, AusBrands 2015, AusFoods 2015, NUTTAB 2010
  • New Zealand—FOODFiles 2014
  • USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference Release 27

Other data sources are also available.

Query the food composition data

  • Search the food composition data (and your own data)
  • Find foods high or low in a specific nutrient

Data publishing, import and export

  • Publish your own food composition data for use by other FoodWorks users
  • Export your FoodWorks database to Microsoft Access to enable statistical analyses or to generate reports
  • Import diets, recipes and foods from other FoodWorks databases

Printing options

  • Choose the elements of a diet, recipe or food to print
  • Simple report formats available.

FoodWorks Professional

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