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Are you cool with Country of Origin Labelling?

31 March 2018

The deadline of 1 July 2018 for the new Country of Origin Labelling regulations in Australia is fast approaching.

FoodWorks 10 Nutrition Labelling can help take the stress out of complying with these new regulations.  Here are some of the ways that FoodWorks 10 can make CoOL a breeze. 

For your labels, FoodWorks 10:

  • calculates the overall percentage of Australian content in your product from its ingredients
  • works out and includes the correct graphic standard mark (border, text statement, bar chart and kangaroo logo as appropriate)
  • lets you choose whether to show the standard mark for non-priority foods as well

Label window with CoOL and highlights

And to help you get going quickly, we’ve included the CoOL Editor so that you can easily enter the percent Australian for all your raw materials in one go.

CoOL Editor

Getting started with Country of Origin Labelling in FoodWorks 10

Here’s some help to get you started with CoOL in FoodWorks 10:

More information about CoOL

If you are new to the regulations, here’s some of the background information you need to know:

This very useful guide fully explains how to apply the new regulations and covers all the definitions of terms that you need such as priority and non-priority food, Made In, Grown In, and Produced in.

The Australian Consumer Law’s country of origin food labelling requirements are contained in this standard (made under section 134 of Schedule 2 of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010).

Got questions? 

Please get in touch if you want more information about Country of Origin Labelling and FoodWorks 10.

See how CoOL works in FoodWorks 10 Nutrition Labelling

Take the stress out of complying with Country of Origin Labelling regulations. Check out the video here. 

Video: Getting Started with CoOL