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Benefits of moving FoodWorks to the cloud

10 May 2021

We are re-imagining our trusted desktop software, FoodWorks 10, for the cloud. Here’s why.

Why move to the cloud?

You’re probably aware of the flexibility and convenience that cloud-based software offers over locally installed software. As we take FoodWorks to the cloud we are building on its signature strengths while leveraging the new possibilities offered by cloud-based software.

The classic FoodWorks 10 desktop software requires the Windows Operating System and must be installed on your computer or on your organisation’s dedicated server. The new Foodworks Online runs through your internet browser. You no longer need to install and manage the software locally for yourself or your organisation.

The cloud-based Foodworks offers significant advantages for both end-users and IT staff:

Benefits for users

As a user of Foodworks Online, enjoy these advantages:

  • Just sign up and get going – There is no need to install software and you don’t need a product key. You don’t need admin permissions to get going.
  • Work on any computer Welcome Mac users! With the new Foodworks, whether your computer is Windows, Apple Mac or Linux-based, all you need is internet access and a compatible browser.
  • Work remotely Enjoying flexible working arrangements? Log in from anywhere with internet access.
  • Never miss an update Always access the very latest software features and food composition data. There is no need to watch out for, purchase, or install updates.
  • Get new features fast Take advantage of the frequent, automatic feature updates.
  • Share and collaborate Increase your productivity through teamwork. With the first release, send copies of your database to other users without the hassle of attaching databases to emails or using shared folders. Future updates will allow multiple users to concurrently collaborate on the same database.
  • Enjoy a modern aesthetic An intuitive, fresh UI makes your work more efficient and enjoyable.
  • No need for backups Automatic cloud backups keep your data safe and give you peace of mind.
  • Be kind to your cashflow – Take your pick from a variety of subscription options.

Benefits for administrators

With Foodworks Online, the software and its data are hosted for you, freeing you (and your IT support) from time-consuming basic maintenance tasks.

You no longer need to manage installation, updates, performance, reliability, data storage, data security or data privacy. This helps you keep your workload, infrastructure costs and total cost of ownership down.

If you are responsible for the management of Foodworks licenses, enjoy these advantages:

  • No more deployment hassles – Users can access Foodworks via any compatible browser. There is no software installation required nor any setting up of servers or network drives. There are no product keys to manage.
  • Automatic updates – As an online service, Foodworks is always automatically kept up-to-date. This means there is no need for you to keep track of updates, purchase them or manage their installation.
  • No backups required With automatic backups done for you, there is no need to schedule and manage backups and available disk space.
  • Easier remote work No extra set-up is required for users to work remotely. A user’s data is available to them wherever they are.
  • Better support – Every user is always on the most up-to-date version of their edition/plan making support easier. Our support team can also troubleshoot users’ databases more easily and provide technical fixes
    faster than previously possible.
  • Security, reliability and privacy are built in – With industry-standard encryption, user permission controls (coming soon), 2-factor authentication (coming soon), and cross-region back-ups, user data is safer from cyber security threats, internal security breaches, and natural disasters.

So much to gain…

We’re very excited to be bringing you Foodworks Online – fresh, modern and powerful software that will make much more possible for you. There is so much for you to gain with our move to the cloud.

Let us know how you are going to benefit from the move to the cloud! And if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to talk to our friendly team.

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