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Displaying vitamins and minerals on your product labels

9 August 2021

By default, FoodWorks generates nutrition information panels with the mandatory nutrients. What if you wish to highlight additional micronutrients, such as vitamins or minerals?

When you generate a nutrition label for a recipe in FoodWorks, the mandatory nutrients according to the Food Standards Code are included in the nutrition information panel (NIP): Energy, Protein, Total Fat, Saturated Fat, Carbohydrate, Sugars, and Sodium.

Sometimes you may wish to highlight additional nutrients for your customers. Here’s how to add extra nutrients to your labels.

Let’s work through an example recipe, Tasty Hummus.

First, to show the label for a recipe, open the recipe and click the Label button in the FoodWorks toolbar.

Here’s an example of a label of our Tasty Hummus recipe with just the default mandatory nutrients showing in the NIP:

You can see that it’s easy to include some non-mandatory nutrients as they are already listed for you in the NIP tab of the Label window.

For example, as shown below, we’ve selected the extra nutrient Dietary Fibre, which is then shown in the NIP on the product label:


If you want to include more nutrients in your label than those listed, you add them to the list in the NIP tab.

For this plant-based hummus recipe, the manufacturer wants to emphasise the availability of some nutrients, iron and calcium, that are often only associated with animal-based products.

To select other nutrients to show in your label, select File > Database Properties, then:

  1. Click the Nutrients & Components
  2. In the Show Components box select “all nutrients available in FoodWorks” from the dropdown box.
  3. Select the additional nutrients that you want to show. In this example, we are selecting calcium and iron.
  4. Click OK.

Now, when you open the recipe’s Label window, these nutrients are ready for you to select in the NIP tab. When you select them, they are added to the NIP on the label, as shown below:

Got question marks in the label for the extra nutrients?

If you see question marks in your label for the nutrients you’ve added, as shown below, this means that one or more of the ingredients (raw materials) of the recipe (or its sub-recipes) does not yet have data for these nutrients:

To track down which ingredients have missing nutrient data, open your recipe and click the Ingredients tab.

Then in the Analysis Pane, click the nutrient of interest – for this example, calcium –  to show the nutrient column in the Ingredients grid.

You’ll see which ingredient is missing the data:


In this example, the raw material with missing data is crushed garlic. To resolve this issue, you can open the raw material and add the missing nutrient data in its Nutrients & Components tab.

For more on handling question marks in FoodWorks Nutrition Labelling, see the support page.

Further reading

Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code Standard 1.2.8 Nutrition Information Requirements