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FoodWorks is moving to the cloud

4 May 2021

Big news. The FoodWorks you know and love is being renovated and refreshed – as intuitive and powerful cloud-based software.

It’s time. We can’t keep the news to ourselves any longer.  

For over a year, our team has been working hard to move FoodWorks from the desktop to the cloud, re-imagining it as Foodworks Online 

We’re excited to let you know we are planning the first release of Foodworks Online for the second half of 2021. 

As we move to the cloud, we proudly carry forward the reliability and evidence-based professionalism of the classic FoodWorks. But we are also taking the cloud-based Foodworks to a whole new and exciting level.

Moving FoodWorks to the cloud means
we can deliver bigger, better features faster,
responding to and anticipating your needs.


What’s happening

The cloud rollout of Foodworks Online will be gradual over 2021 and 2022. As more features become available, more and more of you will be able to make the switch.

Our first cloud release later in 2021 will be Foodworks Professional for dietitians and nutritionists analysing dietary intakes, recipes and meal plans.

Foodworks Nutrition Labelling for generating compliant food labels and new product development is slated for mid-2022.

We’ll also be releasing a whole new suite of editions – Foodworks Education, Foodworks Research and Foodworks Duo.

Looking after our customers

We value your support and we’ve heard your requests. We are delighted to be creating a better, more powerful, more accessible Foodworks for you.

If you are already a FoodWorks 10 customer, or if you are about to purchase FoodWorks 10, know that you’ll be able to transition to Foodworks Online when you are ready and when Foodworks Online includes all your required features. As a FoodWorks 10 customer, your loyalty will be rewarded with a special deal to make your transition into the cloud even easier.

Foodworks Online will offer you so much more – additional and better features, more frequent updates to both its features and to the food data, and easier ways to work collaboratively and remotely.

As the software is cloud-based, we are very pleased to let you know that the new Foodworks will be available on Windows, Mac and Linux systems through your chosen web browser.

Keep your eye on the sky…

Foodworks Online is well on its way.

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