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9 February 2022 Professional for the cloud is now available, replacing FoodWorks 10 Professional for the desktop.

We’re delighted to announce the launch of the cloud-based (December 2021). This first release, Professional, is for dietitians and nutritionists in health care and fitness working with nutrition clients or developing recipes and meal plans.

This is just the beginning of our continuing cloud rollout program for Through 2022, more features and food data are coming for Professional and other editions will be rolled out. See the rollout plan here. Professional for the cloud replaces FoodWorks 10 Professional for the desktop.

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Foodworks re-invented, and better than ever

Jump on board now and be part of the excitement as Professional continues to evolve.

We’re delighted to be taking Foodworks to the next level for you. Our intention is that Foodworks is a pleasure for you to use as it empowers you in your work.

As we move Foodworks to the cloud, our mission continues: to deliver the gold standard in nutrition analysis software for nutrition professionals in Australia and New Zealand.


NOTE: Tertiary students can still purchase FoodWorks 10 Professional for their studies here.

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Jump on board now and be a part of the excitement. Free 14-day trial available.