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How to investigate sources of nutrients in a diet

28 October 2019

Track down the sources of nutrients/components in your clients’ diets. A quick How-To for users of FoodWorks Professional.

Where is all that saturated fat coming from? What foods does your client enjoy that are a good source of calcium? Or iron? Or fibre? How often are they eating dark green veges?

In your clients’ diet records, you can explore the food sources for any of the extensive list of nutrients/components offered in FoodWorks.

You can easily see:

  • Which foods are contributing the nutrient/component of interest
  • How much each food item in their diet contains of that nutrient/component
  • The chief sources of the nutrient/component


This blog uses an example 3-day food record for John Smith. You can access this food record in the Sample Pro Database, via the Help menu, as shown:

Investigating sources of a nutrient/component in a diet

1. Choose the nutrient/component to investigate

In your client’s food record, open the Analysis Pane on the right of the FoodWorks window.

2. Show the amount of that nutrient/component for each food item in the diet

In the Analysis Pane, click on the nutrient or component that you are interested in.

Here in John’s food record, we look are looking at saturated fat.

Notice the extra column for the selected nutrient is now shown in the foods grid.

This column shows how much saturated fat is contained in each food that John has eaten.

3. Rank the sources of that nutrient/component

At the bottom of the Analysis Pane, click ‘Show Sources’.

All the sources of saturated fat in John’s 3-day diet record are listed in descending order. So now it is easy to identify major contributors of saturated fat in his diet.



Remember, if you want to show the analysis for just a part of the a food record – e.g. for a single meal – select the relevant rows by dragging down the selector buttons on the left of the foods grid. Here is breakfast selected – now all the analyses are shown just for that meal.



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