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More ways to track your clients

15 September 2021

Track your clients’ anthropometric, biochemical, clinical and dietary progress. Take another sneak peek at what’s coming in Foodworks Online.

In Foodworks Online Professional you can record and track a very wide range of personal measurements for your clients, including weight, skinfolds, blood pressure and blood glucose levels.

There are many anthropometric, biochemical and clinical measurements for you to choose from. For each of your clients, select the set of measurements relevant to any health conditions they may have and to best support their goals.

The following dialog shows the anthropometric measurements that you can track for your client. In separate dialogs, you can set their biochemical and clinical measurements.

If you can’t find what you need in the large range of measurements that comes with Foodworks Online you can create new measurements:

Then you can record entries for each measurement. When needed, you can edit the history of the entries:

To see all the measurements that you are tracking for your client, or to add others to track, you can go to their Tracking tab:

To see your client’s progress over time, you check their Graphs tab:

Tracking measurements that are tailored to each client’s individual needs provides insight to help your clients achieve positive change.

Get Foodworks Online on your side so you can be on your clients’ side. Coming soon.