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FoodWorks 9 Professional

For dietitians and nutritionists analysing dietary intakes, recipes and meal plans

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$720 AUD per annum

* Applies for a single site / department. Each extra user is just $240 per annum.

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A subscription runs for 12 months from the date of purchase and includes:

  • A license to use FoodWorks Professional for the specified number of users.
  • Technical support via telephone, email and our FoodWorks support site.
  • Updates and upgrades for FoodWorks Professional.

Frequently Asked Questions

Need more than 5 copies? Have multiple sites?

Buying for a larger organisation? Pricing is based on the number of copies per site/department. Please get in touch if you need more than 5 copies or have multiple sites/departments.

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Buying for a tertiary institution?

If you are buying for a university or college special educational pricing applies.

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Are you a student?

If you need FoodWorks Professional for your study you can subscribe for shorter periods at special pricing.

Student pricing

Is FoodWorks for Apple Mac?

FoodWorks 9 is built for the Windows environment. To enable FoodWorks to run on an Apple Mac you will need additional software, including Windows itself. For how to install and run FoodWorks on a Mac, see our support article.

What happens after I buy?

Once your purchase is complete you will receive a Product Key by email. Download FoodWorks if you haven’t done so already. Enter this Product Key when you next start FoodWorks and you are done.

What happens when my subscription falls due?

Our pricing reflects an annual commitment paid in advance. Toward the end of the 12-month period we will send you an email to ask if you would like to continue to subscribe.

If you choose not to re-subscribe, you will be able to continue to use FoodWorks 9 Professional desktop software but you will not be eligible for future updates or technical support.

I already have FoodWorks 8 with a current MSP—and I want additional copies...

Your Maintenance and Support Plan entitles you to FoodWorks 9 free of charge. For pricing for additional copies, please get in touch.

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I already have a previous version of FoodWorks but no MSP. How do I upgrade?

You can subscribe to FoodWorks 9 as above. Call us for more details.

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