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FoodWorks 10 Nutrition Labelling

Australian software that rigorously implements the food labelling regulations. Make your recipes better. Have confidence in your results.
FoodWorks 10 Nutrition Labelling is now replaced by Nutrition Labelling.

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Food technologists, product developers, recipe developers, compliance managers and QA managers use FoodWorks Nutrition Labelling for new product development and nutrition labelling compliance. Used in small, medium and large food companies in Australia and New Zealand. Nutrition Labelling is here

FoodWorks 10 Nutrition Labelling is no longer for sale. Nutrition Labelling for the cloud is now available, replacing FoodWorks 10 Nutrition Labelling.

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New Product Development

Develop your recipes with ease

Get trusted nutritional analyses without complicated, error-prone spreadsheets.

Watch your recipe analyses update as you go, keeping track of nutrients, cost and Health Star Ratings.

Expand any recipe to show all its ingredients, including any sub-recipes and their ingredients. See in which recipes any ingredient is used. As you make changes to your ingredients, see the changes automatically flow through to your recipes.


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Nutrition Labelling

Comply with Australian regulations

Generate nutrition labelling information dynamically from your recipes:

  • Health Star Ratings with system graphics (limitations apply*)
  • Allergen declarations, including Lupin
  • Country of Origin statements with graphical standard marks
  • Nutrition information panels (NIPs)
  • Characterising ingredients and ingredient statements

Comply with the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code and other food labelling regulations with precision. Trust your results.

* Important notice re Health Star Ratings

FoodWorks makes the documentation process a lot faster

I’ve been using FoodWorks for about 5 years. As an ingredients supplier, we use FoodWorks to generate the nutrition information, allergen information and ingredients lists for our blended products, which we then include in the product specifications for our customers.

With the relevant local labelling requirements built into it, FoodWorks makes the documentation process a lot faster. It is user-friendly even for a new team member.

Aaron Salazar
Quality Manager — Sherratt Ingredients
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Health Star Ratings

Note: Changes to the HSR regulations in November 2020 are not included in FoodWorks 10. See here for more information.

Feature the consumer-friendly Health Star Ratings on your product labels:

  • Generate Health Star Ratings directly from your recipe’s ingredients.
  • Enter the FVNL and cFV for all your raw materials at once in the convenient FVNL Editor.
  • Explore the effects of adjusting recipe ingredients on the Health Star Rating.
  • Examine the calculations using the HSR Explorer.
  • Choose the Health Star Rating system graphic to show on your label.

A useful rule of thumb is that if a food product carries a NIP, you should consider displaying its HSR.

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Australian software. Local support.

Friendly expert help when you need it.

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australian consumer law

Country of Origin Labelling

If you sell food in retail stores in Australia, Country of Origin Labelling (CoOL) laws may apply to your products and have been mandatory since 1 July 2018.

FoodWorks 10 helps you comply with the legislation, calculating the percentage of Australian content for your sub-recipes and final recipes, and helping you to formulate your text statements.

FoodWorks includes the CoOL Editor to make it easy to enter CoOL values for your raw materials. The CoOL Explorer allows you to explore how nested raw materials and sub-recipes contribute to the final calculated percentage for a recipe.

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On-demand label printing

Print labels directly from FoodWorks – or export your labelling data for use in label-printing software, such as BarTender® Label Software.

We provide BarTender solutions for generating compliant CoOL and HSR graphics.

Here’s how.

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