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FoodWorks 9 Nutrition Labelling

Streamline your product development. Make your recipes better while ensuring compliance.
Now with CoOL and Lupin.

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Who uses FoodWorks Nutrition Labelling?


Food technologists, product developers, compliance managers and QA managers use FoodWorks Nutrition Labelling for new product development and for nutrition labelling that complies rigorously with Australian regulations.

FoodWorks is used in small, medium and large food companies in Australia and New Zealand.

Image of New Product Development
New Product Development

Develop your recipes with ease

No more complicated spreadsheets.

As you develop new products or reformulate existing products, watch their nutritional analyses update dynamically. Adjust and experiment accordingly.

Also, see any changes to your ingredients/raw materials automatically flow through to your recipes and check in which recipes an ingredient is used.

Image of Nutrition Labelling
Nutrition Labelling

Comply with Australian regulations

Generate nutrition labelling information dynamically from your recipes including:

  • Allergen declarations, including the requirement for Lupin (required by May 2018) NOW AVAILABLE
  • Country of Origin statements (required by July 2018) NOW AVAILABLE
  • Nutrition information panels (NIPs)
  • Characterising ingredients and ingredient statements
Image of Australian consumer law
Australian consumer law

Country of Origin Labelling (CoOL)

If you sell food in retail stores in Australia, new Country of Origin Labelling (CoOL) laws apply to your products and are mandatory from 1 July 2018.

FoodWorks 9 helps you comply with the legislation, calculating the percentage of Australian content for your sub-recipes and final recipes, and helping you to formulate your text statements.

FoodWorks includes the CoOL Editor to make it easy to enter CoOL values for your raw materials, and the CoOL Explorer, which allows you to explore how nested raw materials and sub-recipes contribute to the final calculated percentage for a recipe.

Image of bartender

FoodWorks CoOL solution for BarTender

Now it’s easy to include the CoOL graphic label known as a standard mark (kangaroo logo and bar chart) in your product labels created in the BarTender® Label Software using data from FoodWorks.

Here’s how.

Australian software. Local support.

Friendly expert help when you need it.

Image of Integration with Bizcaps PIF Manager
Coming soon
Integration with Bizcaps PIF Manager

Work with supplier PIFs

Are you ready for Product Information Form (PIF) V6.0? We have a solution.

PIF V6.0 features updated content and has been developed by the food industry to streamline the process of recording and reporting product information via secure online portals, making PIFs easier and faster to use.

With FoodWorks 9 Nutrition Labelling you can connect to the AFGC-certified PIF Manager™ from Bizcaps Software. PIF data integration between FoodWorks® and PIF Manager™ is two-way and a real time-saver— a powerful way to make your recipe development more efficient.

Xyris Software is pleased to announce its partnership with Bizcaps Software.

Two Australian businesses combine forces to deliver a seamless solution for food companies in Australia and New Zealand.

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