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22 August 2019

Get your clients to log their own food intake, using our popular free mobile app, Easy Diet Diary.

Want a rich picture of what your clients are eating and the ability to analyse their diet in sophisticated and useful ways?

With our popular free app Easy Diet Diary, your clients can log their own intake for you – in detail. This is so much quicker, easier and more accurate than other methods of recording their diet.

And then you can analyse their diary with all the power of FoodWorks Professional, and formulate your recommendations based on comprehensive analysis.

Here’s how.

1. Your clients get the free mobile app, Easy Diet Diary

Ask your clients to download and install Easy Diet Diary on their mobile phone. Easy Diet Diary is free, has no advertising, and has updated, high quality Australian food data. It is a popular and well-accepted app with tens of thousands of regular users.

Your clients can search for Easy Diet Diary – Australian Calorie Counter on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

2. Your clients log their diary

Once they have Easy Diet Diary on their phones, your clients can begin logging their diet. Easy Diet Diary is intuitive and easy to use.

But if your clients need help, there is a full support site here that they can access from within the app.

3. Your clients share their diaries with you, and you open them in FoodWorks.

There are two ways your clients can share their diary with you:

Option A. Your client sends their diaries directly from Easy Diet Diary

A client can share their diary with you by sending it directly from Easy Diet Diary as follows:

  1. From the diary screen, your client opens the menu and taps Settings.
  2. Then your client taps Email diary to your nutrition professional, chooses how many days to send, enters your email address, and presses Send.

You will receive an email with a button to open the diary in FoodWorks.

Here are detailed instructions on how to import a diary from Easy Diet Diary into FoodWorks.

Your client can find instructions for sending their diary to you here, on the support site.

Option B. Your clients share their diaries via our web portal Easy Diet Diary CONNECT.

You can sign up to Easy Diet Diary Connect, then invite your clients to share their diaries with you in real time. In Easy Diet Diary CONNECT, you can then see your clients’ diaries – foods, quantities and any photos they may have taken as they log their entries.

To analyse a client’s diary in FoodWorks, you click the button saying Open in FoodWorks, and choose the number of days that you want to import. You can then analyse their diary fully in FoodWorks. (Note that their photos are only available in Easy Diet Diary CONNECT.)

More on sharing food diaries via Easy Diet Diary CONNECT

4. Analysing diaries in FoodWorks

Once you have a diary in FoodWorks you can explore it in a number of ways. For example, you can compare your clients’ intake to Nutrient Reference Values, look at their food group intake, or set customised goals against which you can compare their intake.

If you like, you can show the effect of swapping out certain foods for others, for example, swapping out white bread for wholemeal.

You then have a solid, objective basis on which to make your recommendations.

More on analysing food diaries in FoodWorks

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