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Sneak Peek of Foodworks Online

27 May 2021

Same, same – but different! Take a look at the new Foodworks Online. Powerful, intuitive, modern.

NOTE: Foodworks Online is under active development and details of the user interface may change.

We’re excited to unveil for you the very first sneak peek of the new Foodworks Professional Online, which is due for release later in 2021.

Foodworks Online has a modern new look, with lots of flexibility and power built into its intuitive, clean design. But don’t worry – if you are a FoodWorks 10 user, you’ll quickly feel at home.

You can see we’ve kept the familiar and useable layout you know so well from the classic FoodWorks 10. So, just as you are used to:

  • On the left is the Navigation Pane where all your documents appear – your recipes, meal plans, food records and custom foods.
  • In the middle is the open document, with tabbed information (for meal plans, a General and a Foods tab).
  • On the right is the Analysis Pane, with all the analyses for the open document.
  • And just as before, at the bottom of the Analysis Pane, you can show the sources of a specific nutrient:

There’s much more to explore in this new Foodworks Online database window, with new features including:

  • Document tags for organising your documents. Tags are like folders in FoodWorks 10 but give you much more flexibility enabling you to categorise each document in a number of ways.
  • Section tags for flexible editing and analysis within documents.

There are many other new features for you to discover throughout the new Foodworks.

We hope you like the look of the new Foodworks Online as much as we do! We’re delighted to be making the FoodWorks you know even better. Let us know what you think.