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Complying with Australian food labelling regulations?

If you are a product developer or quality manager in food and drink manufacture, we’ve got you covered. Produce more accurate labels. Develop better recipes faster.


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Rigorous compliance made easy

The Australian regulations for food labels can be complex. From your recipes, FoodWorks generates:

  • Nutrition information panels, ingredients statements, and allergen declarations according to the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code.
  • Country of Origin Labelling standard marks, calculating the percentage for you according to the CoOL laws.
  • Health Star Ratings and their graphics, according to Commonwealth guidelines (limitations apply).

FoodWorks makes compliance easier and gives you precision results you can trust.

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More confidence in our NIPs

Using FoodWorks gives us much more confidence in our NIPs and other labelling information because we eliminate a lot of human error.

I am also looking forward to generating our Country of Origin Labelling using FoodWorks, eliminating the need for keeping records of our calculations.

Ryan Schultz
NPD Manager — Yumi's Quality Foods

Track nutrition, allergens and HSRs as you go

Develop your recipes in FoodWorks and watch your results change as you adjust the ingredients and their quantities.

Play and experiment to get the best results. Keep track of key nutrients and optimise the Health Star Rating (limitations apply) while you work.

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Working on consumer recipes or meal plans?

If you are developing consumer recipes and want to compare the nutritional results to Nutrient Reference Values or customised goals for a target group, check out FoodWorks Professional.

Or get all the power of FoodWorks for both dietary assessment and nutrition labelling in FoodWorks Premium.

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