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More nutritious recipes

Develop better recipes. Get trusted nutritional analyses without complicated, error-prone spreadsheets. As you develop a new recipe or reformulate an existing one, watch key analyses update, including Health Star Ratings.

Strike the right balance.

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Comply with Australian labelling regulations

Package up your leftovers with compliant labels. Or provide NIPs, allergens and Health Star Ratings for your recipes. FoodWorks generates labelling information that complies with the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code and other relevant regulations including:

  • Nutrition information panels
  • Ingredient statements
  • Allergen declarations
  • Country of Origin labelling
  • Health Star Ratings

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Manage your ingredient data

Set up your ingredient data just how you need it, including setting allergen information.

See in which recipes any ingredient is used. When you update an ingredient, the changes automatically flow through to your recipes.

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