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Are you a dietitian or other nutrition professional in a private practice, clinic or hospital? Understand your clients’ eating. Give better advice. Professional is here

FoodWorks 10 Professional is no longer for sale. Professional for the cloud is now available, replacing FoodWorks 10 Professional.

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Nutrition platform with free mobile app

Use our suite of products to collect and analyse your clients’s dietary data and to plan for effective change:

  • Save time. Your clients can keep their food diary in our popular free mobile app, Easy Diet Diary, and share it with you.
  • View your clients’ diaries anywhere, anytime, in our web app for nutrition professionals, Easy Diet Diary CONNECT.
  • With a click, analyse their food diaries in-depth in a variety of ways in FoodWorks Professional.
  • In FoodWorks, explore and plan dietary changes and demonstrate their effectiveness.

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Cuts down time in face-to-face consultations

At the Nepean Family Obesity Service we offer an 8-week group program during which our clients track their food intake using the free app Easy Diet Diary. Our clients find keeping their diary in Easy Diet Diary quite easy to do. Each week many send their diary to me to analyse in FoodWorks Professional.

Using FoodWorks, I can pinpoint where dietary changes are needed and then send back individualised feedback and advice. This cuts down on time in face-to-face consultations.

Sally Badorrek
Senior Clinical Dietitian — Nepean Blue Mountains Family Metabolic Health Service, NSW Health
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nutrition consulting

Dietary assessment and nutrition therapy

Gain real insight into your clients’ nutritional status and dietary patterns:

  • Trusted and reliable Australian software.
  • Quick editing and entry of client food records and food frequencies.
  • Regularly updated, quality-controlled Australian food data. Includes brand name products; official data (e.g Australian Food Composition Database and for New Zealand, FOODfiles); specialised data (e.g. salicylates, amines and glutamate for food intolerances); and medical nutrition data (e.g. Nutricia, Abbotts).
  • Sophisticated and flexible nutritional analysis. Work with food groups, micro-nutrients, Nutrient Reference Values (for Australia and New Zealand), highest/lowest sources of specific nutrients, fat ratios, PFCA ratios, and individualised goals.

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Healthier recipes and meal plans

Use the latest most comprehensive food data to create nutritious recipes and meal plans for your target group:

  • Create and analyse recipes according to nutritional criteria
  • Create your own dedicated ingredients
  • Create and evaluate meal plans according to nutritional criteria, including Nutrient Reference Values (NRVs)
  • Use sophisticated analyses to evaluate your recipes and meal plans according to the requirements of your target groups

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FoodWorks Professional

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Easy Diet Diary CONNECT

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Easy Diet Diary

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Working with the food industry?

Dietitians are multi-skilled and wear different hats. If you need to produce food labelling information that complies with Australian labelling regulations (such as nutrition information panels, allergen declarations and Health Star Ratings), then check out FoodWorks Nutrition Labelling. Or get all the power of FoodWorks for both dietary assessment and nutrition labelling in FoodWorks Premium.

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