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Workspaces in the new Foodworks

9 August 2021

A more flexible way to organise your work. ‘Workspaces’ are coming in Foodworks Online.

NOTE: Foodworks Online is under active development and details of the user interfaces shown in this article may change.

The new Foodworks Online offers more flexible ways for organising your work. You can:

  • Create and work in multiple workspaces for different projects or teams.
  • Set permissions and properties for each workspace.
  • Get an overview of all your workspaces on the Workspaces Dashboard (see below)

Within a workspace, you store all the related work you do – in the form of resources (such as custom foods, recipes and meal plans) and nutrition clients (along with their personal food records, 24 hour recalls and meal plans).

NOTE: The examples in this article show workspaces in the Foodworks Professional edition to be rolled out later this year. Workspaces are also coming in Foodworks Nutrition Labelling, due in 2022.

Here’s a sneak peek of the Workspace dashboard:

Each individual workspace is organised as a set of pages. Within a workspace, you’ll use the sidebar on the left to access its different pages:

After the initial launch, watch for more pages with additional functionality being added in the sidebar.

On the Resources page, you can create and manage resources (e.g. custom foods, recipes, meal plans):

On the Clients page, you can create and manage nutrition clients:

On the Settings page, you can set the workspace properties (such as the available nutrients and the food data sources you are drawing on):

In the first release, you’ll also be able to share access to your workspaces and resources to other Foodworks users, and this functionality will expand over time.


This sneak peek gives a taste of the power that’s on its way with Foodworks Online. We’ll keep you in the loop.