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New ways to learn FoodWorks

6 June 2018

Are you new to FoodWorks? Or checking out FoodWorks using the free trial?

New videos and more

We’ve been busy creating some short videos to make learning FoodWorks easy. You can find our videos, blogs, and other learning resources here on our website:

These are just a start. We’ll continue to add more videos and other helpful resources, so keep an eye out for new titles.

Sample databases

We’ve also included a sample database in FoodWorks for you to explore. To open the sample database: In FoodWorks, on the Help menu, point to Open Sample Database.

NOTE: The sample database is included in FoodWorks, v9.0.3969 (or later). (To check the exact version of FoodWorks you have, on the Help menu, click About FoodWorks.)


What would you like to know about FoodWorks?

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