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FoodWorks 10 Professional for students

Use the industry standard in nutritional analysis software for your studies at a price to suit your pocket.

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Professional Software

All the power of FoodWorks 10 Professional

FoodWorks Professional is used by dietitians and nutritionists around Australia.

With FoodWorks 10 Professional you can:

  • Analyse dietary intakes, meal plans and recipes.
  • Look up the nutritional value of foods.
  • Use the latest, most comprehensive food composition data for Australia or
    New Zealand, including extensive brand name product data.
  • View sophisticated analyses including the 5 major food groups (with 28
    subgroups), the Australian Nutrient Reference Values (NRVs), and more.
  • Import diaries for further analysis from our free mobile app Easy Diet Diary.
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Special educational pricing

As a tertiary student get FoodWorks 10 Professional for your studies at affordable subscription pricing.

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