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What’s New in FoodWorks 10 Professional

FoodWorks 10 Professional has these new features:

  • New and updated food composition data, including the Australian Food Composition Database from FSANZ
  • Integration with the new Android version of our free diet-tracking app, Easy Diet Diary
  • Enhanced integration with Easy Diet Diary
  • Useability improvements, including outlining for diaries
  • Other additions and enhancements

New and updated food composition data

FoodWorks 10 includes the new Australian Food Composition Database (AFCD) released in January 2019 by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ).

The AFCD is their most recent reference database and we have used it to update our AusFoods and AusBrands data sources. Over 80% of foods in AusFoods 2019 have been updated using new AFCD data. Micronutrients for some foods in the new AusBrands 2019 have also been updated.

A new database template (Australia – Diet and Recipe Analysis (Australian Food Composition Database)) has been added so that if you wish you can use the Australian Food Composition Database as your only source of data.

Special food composition data

FoodWorks 10 also includes new food composition data from Nutricia (Advanced Medical Nutrition and Early Life Nutrition), Abbott, Nestle (Baby Products) and Fresenius Kabi (Fresubin).

Integration with the new Easy Diet Diary for Android

In early 2019 we released a new version of our popular free mobile app, Easy Diet Diary, for Android. (Previously Easy Diet Diary was available only on iOS.)

With Easy Diet Diary on both major phone platforms, you can now recommend it to all your clients for logging their food diary. From either platform, your clients can email their diary to you to view and analyse in FoodWorks Professional.

Whether on iOS and Android, Easy Diet Diary is essentially the same, and new features will be released simultaneously for both platforms, so your clients can change phones and still keep using Easy Diet Diary with ease.


Enhanced integration with Easy Diet Diary

FoodWorks 10 Professional offers smoother integration with Easy Diet Diary including:

  • more robust method of sharing. A client’s diary is no longer sent as an attachment – instead you receive a link and when you click the link the diary is opened in FoodWorks 10.
  • outlining in the diary view. You can navigate your way around a large diary with ease as you collapse and expand the diary at the day or meal level (more detail below).

In addition, if you are first viewing a client’s diary in Easy Diet Diary CONNECT and then clicking the Analyse in FoodWorks button to import it into FoodWorks, you can now choose the number of days to import.


Useability improvements

Outlining for food diaries

Food records, including the diaries that you import form Easy Diet Diary, can be quite lengthy.

To make your food diaries/food records more manageable and easier to navigate, you can use the new outlining feature to collapse the diary to the day or meal level, and then expand any day or meal you choose. You can also choose to show every instance of a particular meal type from multiple days e.g. Breakfast.

Foods/Ingredients tab

In FoodWorks 10 you have more control of the columns displayed in the Foods/Ingredients tab.

Now you can opt to show or hide the Weight and Energy columns on the right of the grid (using the button above the columns). You can also hide the Note column (click right on the column title).

As previously, you can click any nutrient in the Analysis Pane to add an extra nutrient column on the far right of the grid. To control the display of other columns, point to the title of the column, and right-click.

You can also use new shortcuts provided:

  • Undo and Redo buttons at the top of the Foods/Ingredients tab.
  • When selecting foods/ingredients, the new cut-copy-paste context menu.

Food/Ingredient Tree

A number of improvements have been made to the useability of the Food/Ingredient Tree window, including:

  • When you click any item in the Tree window, at the bottom of the window you can see if it is based on another food.
  • As you edit and save changes to any document in the main FoodWorks window that is listed in the Tree window, live updates are made to the open Tree

‘Used in’ pane

The ‘Used in’ pane at the bottom of the Navigation Pane, shows any documents that the current item is used in. In FoodWorks 10 this pane also shows where this item is used as the basis for analysis of any another item. And whatever document you’ve opened in the main FoodWorks window now automatically becomes the subject of the ‘Used in’ pane.


Other additions and enhancements

  • Visual enhancements in FoodWorks 10 include improved window positioning, an improved look on high resolution monitors in particular with Windows 10, and automatic resizing of columns to fit text.
  • These new nutrient definitions (for specific projects) have been included: Vitamin D2 and D3 analogues (25-hydroxy cholecalciferol and 25-hydroxy ergocalciferol), and nitrates and nitrites.
  • In the Nutrients/Overrides tab, Folate DFE and Total Folate are now calculated from folic acid and food folate.
  • The standard database template for diet and recipe analysis in Australia (Australia – Diet and Recipe Analysis (AusFoods 2019)) has been updated to use AusFoods and AusBrands 2019, and added and free sugars have been enabled by default.
  • A new database template (Australia – Diet and Recipe Analysis (Australian Food Composition Database)) has been added so that if you wish you can use the Australian Food Composition Database as your only source of data.
  • The Pro sample database has been updated with added sugars and free sugars enabled.
  • In the Query view, you can now sort on non-numeric nutrient/component data. This means you can rank foods based on food intolerance data (salicylates, amines and glutamates).
  • If you Publish as a Data Source in error, you can now Unpublish – see ‘Show Advanced Options’ in the Publish FoodWorks Database
  • More informative error messages (especially for printing).
  • Bug fixes.

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