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9 June 2021

Help your clients reach their nutrition-related goals with an empowering new feature.

Perhaps nothing is more motivating for your clients than setting personal goals, measuring their outcomes, and seeing concrete progress.

We’d like to introduce you to a brand new feature coming soon in the new Foodworks Online Professional. In the new Foodworks you can track your clients’ progress over time against their dietary goals as well as against an extensive variety of related goals (anthropometric, biochemical and clinical).

We think you’ll love the extra power the new clients feature offers you to help your clients.


In FoodWorks 10, when you create a meal plan or food record document, as part of that document you enter your client’s profile details (age, gender etc) and their personal nutrition goals.

In Foodworks Online we’ve introduced important new functionality centred around your clients. You can now create ‘clients’. For each client, you keep all their information in one place and you can track their progress over time. You can:

  • Store their profile details
  • See all their personal documents in one place (meal plans, food records and 24 hour recalls)
  • Set their personal nutrition and related goals
  • Set and log their relevant measurements (anthropometric, biochemical and clinical)
  • Track their progress over time
  • Print customised reports

In the future, for clients logging their intake using our mobile app, Easy Diet Diary, you’ll also be able to prefill dietary data from the app.

Here’s a sneak peek of the new clients feature.

NOTE: Foodworks Online is under active development and details of the user interface may change.

Store your client’s details:

See your client’s documents in one place:

Select and log the measurements that are relevant for them:

See your client’s progress over time:


We hope the new client feature will be a game-changer for you in your nutrition consulting work. We look forward to hearing how you use the new power!